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Canoe Chandeliers

The story of this uniquely designed, artisan-made chandelier is based on balance. The chandelier model design is inspired by the canoes of the Wabanaki Native American tribe, also known as the Dawn People. At the same time, it reflects the serene and dynamic characteristics of the Indians and their happy and peaceful lives. Even though serenity and dynamism are perceived as two opposite poles in the world of duality, they essentially create a balance. We are proud to present you the balancing and illuminating canoe chandelier for special spaces.

Whether you own a hotel, restaurant, villa or want to inject a charming ambiance into your home, Lignov’s sailor-themed canoe chandeliers are a perfect choice.

Unique Design Chandelier

Technicial Specifications

Canoe chandelier consists of 210 pieces in total. These include 184 wooden parts, including the hull, arches, gunwales, forecastle hatches, and bow and stern chines. Hidden spax screws, decorative ornate gold chrome screws, special colored ring eye bolts and carabiners constitute the metal parts.

After each canoe is primed and painted on 3 layers of filling varnish, the lighting fixtures and electrical installations are installed, checked and ready for delivery.

It’s not just a great show and conversation piece for sea lovers: After a day spent wandering through the forests, you return feeling refreshed and at one with nature. And you can bring this feeling to your environment with this charming chandelier. Specially designed lighting canoe chandeliers have natural tones ranging from the palest greens to darker browns. But they all fit together so well. It is the perfect concept chandelier for that special place.

Lignov Canoe Chandelier Catalog

We are pleased to introduce the canoe chandelier by Lignov, a brand that intertwines art and craftsmanship to create exquisite handmade wooden canoe chandeliers with a nautical theme.

Rustik dekor avize

Rustic Decor

It adds a warm touch to spaces with the natural lines of wood and is an excellent choice for rustic decor lighting.

Wooden Decorative Chandelier

It adds a unique atmosphere to any interior or exterior with its handcraftsmanship combined with the warmth and naturalness of wood.

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Artistic Chandelier

Lignov’s canoe chandeliers are artistic lighting prepared with interdisciplinary workmanship, with the motto of new generation wooden design and lighting representing the future.

Avangarde Chandelier

The avant-garde chandelier model carries the avant-garde feeling preferred by luxury spaces, with the harmony of accessories that carries it to a unique place in terms of visual richness in its interior appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Give Information About Chandelier Usage Areas?

This stylish chandelier, with its luxurious touches, can be used in venue lighting in restaurants, hotels, industrial venues, gardens, poolside, bars, lobbies, coffee houses, cafes, villas, terraces or loft style (high ceiling) areas. It can also be used as a showcase or demonstration in your sea and ship-themed space designs for creative decoration purposes.

What Are Your Chandelier Personalization Options?

To personalize this design chandelier, you can choose varnish, epoxy and acrylic painting systems as well as lighting options. Painting options are available for aesthetic touches such as patterns, text and stripes, provided that they do not exceed 5% of the total canoe exterior surface.

How many days does it take for my order to be delivered?

Since our Kano chandeliers are custom-made, they are delivered within 45 business days from the order date. Please contact us to purchase canoe chandeliers in stock.

What are the dimensions of the chandelier?

Canoe chandeliers are 40% scaled down versions of real wakabi (Native American canoes). Length: 280 cm, Width: 55 cm, Depth: 35 cm Weight: 16 Note: Since it is handmade, there is +- 2% tolerance in the measurements.

What are the Delivery Options?

Our Kano chandeliers are delivered to your door via UPS throughout Türkiye. Shipping fee is included in the price. Store delivery or delivery within Mersin provincial borders are available. Please contact us for international shipping.

How to Install Chandelier?

For chandelier installation, the ground must be hard (concrete, wood, metal). It is hung by attaching hanging brackets to the ceiling at 155 cm intervals. The length of the Kano chandelier hanging apparatus (chain) is 125 cm and can be adjusted optionally.

✨ The specially designed canoe chandelier is a masterpiece that will fascinate everyone who enters the space.✨

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